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Plant supports designed, handmade and sent by us

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Vendor: Plant supports designed, handmade and sent by us

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These discounted packages have been put together to offer optimum deliver value. Buy either 2 x Sidney 2 x Ernest Belles & 2 x Christopher or 3 x Sidney & 3 x Ernest, two options, both at a reduced price.

'Sidney' is our tallest grow-through Plant Belle, offering valued support for larger established planting, shrub Roses and the tallest of perennials. 87cm tall, 46cm wide

'Ernest' is the smaller of the two grow-through Belles, offering great support for a wide range of tall perennials. A popular choice for Peonies. 60cm tall, 42cm wide

'Christopher' is our smallest grow-through Plant Belle, the open design is a good choice for broad and rosette leaf forms. 40cm tall, 40cm wide

See Belles sketched to scale, in relation to one another.

PLEASE NOTE: We have been busy making Plant Belles galore for the 2019 Spring season, so most of our stock has a lovely surface rust colour (as pictured). However, we can never make Belles fast enough for demand, so if your belles arrive with a lighter rust finish, or even silver (freshly made). Don't worry, the surface finish will transforming to the full and lovely natural rust colour in your garden over time, getting better and better with age!

SHIPPING NOTE: All 6 Belles (stacked like Russian dolls) sent at 'X Large' parcel rate. See shipping info for more delivery info & charges.

Seen here photographed at Plant Belles HQ, Knightshayes Court NT & RHS Rosemoor.






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