IRIS, Fuchsia


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Vendor: Woven
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The Iris Bag has quickly become our best seller, thanks to the flawless craftsmanship. Handmade from faux lamb leather, it's soft and pliable, yet tough enough to endure day-to-day wear and tear. Whether you are off to work meetings, or a day out at the beach, we adore this bag for the versatility.


Unlike mass production, hand-weaving is a craft. Each bag is individually unique as they are made entirely by hand. The faux material is dyed in small batches so there is a chance for a slight shade variation from prior batches. This bag is hand-cut and hand-woven. Markings and irregularities may occur as they are the characteristics and should not be considered as imperfections.

To clean the bag, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down.

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