NEW for 2021 "The Wolfman" HD Studios Comfort Fit Halloween Mask

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Peering canine eyes, a sensitive wolven nose, and a thick mane of faux wolven fur are the standout features on this mask. Every wrinkle of his jowls threatens violence to those who view him. Knowing this beast is out there is good enough reason to avoid dark and lonely woods, but don't think you're safe at home. This creature could be your neighbor, your priest, or even your child. All it takes is a single scratch to spread the horror to a new victim, so perhaps it's fortunate they tend to kill their prey.

When it comes to Halloween classics, nothing beats "The Wolfman." In every culture in the world, there are stories of poor souls who can take the form of animals either in whole or part. Of these, lycanthropes, or wolfmen, are the most well-known and represent one of the classics of horror media. Our team's take on this features a classic werewolf with slavering fangs, a classic canid nose, and thick, lifelike fur.

This new line of Comfort Fit Halloween Masks has been designed with your comfort in mind and is perfect for trick or treating and/or haunted house use. These Mask and Hand Sets have been designed to keep you cooler than a normal mask, while still giving more comfort and that great Horror Dome design and realism. Made in the U.S.A.

"The Wolfman" HD Studios Comfort Fit Halloween Mask Features:

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